Who is the Dermocosmetics line for?

Well-aging concept is based on the holistic principle of longevity and preservation of health and beauty, with the avoidance of exogenous aging factors and the modification of lifestyle and habits. The Dermocosmetics line is intended for a hectic lifestyle that requires a rather efficient and quality care – of the premium quality. Our skin is exposed to daily stress and pollution:

We present a solution: daily care routine combining Dermocosmetics products.

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Efficient at fighting the signs of aging

Seven multifunctional dermocosmetic products are carefully formulated to provide efficient care and response to daily and specific needs of your skin.

We have intentionally selected the sophisticated active ingredients for multiple efficiency of formulations for the prevention of aging, correction of imperfections, and protection of the skin in order to postpone the appearance and reduce the presence of the signs of aging:





    Dark spots

    Tired skin appearance

    Loss of skin glow

    Uneven complexion