All the ranges of solar radiation spectrum (ultraviolet UVA and UVB rays, infrared range IR, and visible light VIS) may have harmful effects on skin, resulting in photoaging. To achieve more effective skin protection and defense, in addition to UVA and UVB protection, Sun & Care products have been enriched with innovative active substances to protect the skin against the light radiation and air pollution:

Protection and care

Sun & Care products provide high level of protection for the skin exposed to solar radiation under different conditions – in the summer, in winter, on the beach, mountain, in urban setting, at the same time preventing photoaging and providing quality care:

     UVA/UVB, IR, VIS protection from the sun rays.

   Additional protection of skin cells from the harmful effects of sun rays and particulate pollution.

   Antioxidants active protection from the oxidative stress and occurrence of premature signs of aging.

   Skin care provides intensive hydration and quick recovery of photoexposed skin regions.

In the Sun & Care line all the products are dermatologically tested, waterproof, and having clinically confirmed sun protection factor (SPF).