Who is the Atopik line for?

The Atopik line is intended for the care of dry skin which is:

  • the most frequent cosmetic problem,
  • the main symptom of dry dermatoses (eczema, atopic dermatitis in children, psoriasis, ichthyosis, etc.),
  • a frequent accompanying symptom of systemic diseases such as diabetes, renal failure, thyroid disorders, etc.

The first sign of skin dryness is the loss of skin glow and the whitish colour due to the accumulation of dead cells. Dry skin is rough to touch, has reduced elasticity, and is prone to early aging. Due to reduced resilience to adverse external effects (dry air, micro-organisms, allergens, UV rays, etc.), redness, itching, and burning sensation frequently occur.

It has been established that dry skin has a reduced amount of naturally moisturising skin factor components, as well as altered lipid composition (reduced amount of essential fatty acids).

Active ingredients

The Atopik line of products contains active ingredients in optimum concentrations:

(*) In vivo study on subjects with very dry skin using 0.1% SymReboot L19 in U/V formulation has shown the reduction of the transepidermal water loss (TEWL) for 10.6% after just 7 days, when applied twice a day. After 42 days, the study has shown the skin dryness reduction by 7.4%.  (Meyer I, Pesaro M, Stuhlmann L, Garbe L, Schmaus G, Holmgren K, Larsson N. Practical Probiotics: Live Microbial Skin Benefits Without Limits. Cosm Toil. 2019; 134: 8)

Dry skin care and regeneration

The Atopik line of products treats dry skin thanks to its multiple effect:

   Hydrates, softens and makes the skin smooth and elastic.

   Improves the protective function of the skin.

   Regenerates the skin after the harmful effect of drying agents (soaps, detergents, organic solvents, etc.) and unfavourable external influences.

   Reduces scaling, itching and the skin feeling tight.

   It is recommended as an addition to the treatment of dry dermatoses.

   Dermatologically tested products that do not irritate the skin.