Is personalised cosmetics for you?

There is no universal recipe for radiant complexion and healthy skin. If you are using products intended for your skin type, but still have some of the symptoms listed below, maybe it’s the right moment to make a change.

Our advice is – consider personalised cosmetics, especially if your current care regimen is not completely suitable for you.

  • I’ve been using almost all CD products for three years now, and I’m delighted with their quality and with my skin which is finally the way I’ve always wanted it to be. I’d put a particular emphasis on personalised cosmetics, thanks to which I’ve solved all my long-lasting problems and imperfections of facial skin. I’d also like to mention the sunbathing products that deserve a particular praise, because, apart from providing protection, they’ve enabled my skin to remain soft and smooth with not even a trace of scaling.
    Ljubica Savić
  • I’ve been using personalised cosmetic products for two years and I’m very satisfied with the results. The line of products for problematic skin keeps my rosacea well under control. Additionally, thanks to the anti-age line, my wrinkles are less visible, because I regularly use a wonderful face mask with hyaluronic acid and the luxury eye cream. I have only words of praise for the hard-working and kind Crystal Derma team.
    Marija Vasić
  • I want to thank Crystal Derma for the products they’ve prepared for my skin. I’m very satisfied with the Ichtyol wash gel, the sensitive skin serum, and the face cream.
    Jovana Stojanović

Advantages of personalised care

Personalised cosmetics respects the uniqueness and specificity of your skin. Our team of experts, which includes a dermatologist and pharmacists specialised in cosmetology, has an individual approach to every client. On the basis of precisely measured parameters, an insight into the skin condition, as well as your needs and desires, we formulate and make personalised products just for your skin.

The advantages of this personalised approach to care are numerous:

    You get a unique formulation and a freshly prepared product 

    You can choose active ingredients and fragrances

    We regularly monitor your progress and check your skin parameters

    We change the formulation in accordance with the skin condition

     The result is an adequate and active skin care.

Discover everything about your skin

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