The head of the company is a graduate pharmacist, specialist in pharmaceutical technology, Suzana Koprivica-Lujić, who invested many years of her experience into the production of high-quality, safe, and efficient cosmetic products, tested in the accredited domestic and foreign laboratories.

Production is the “heart” that is incessantly beating, while the management is the “brain” that performs the coordination (production and marketing, quality control, research and development, personalised cosmetics).

We are proud of our team, expertise, collegiality, positive work atmosphere, enthusiasm, and job satisfaction at Crystal Derma.

What makes us a successful company?

    We only use proven and high-quality raw materials of renowned world producers;

   We constantly work on the improvement of the product quality;

 We follow the latest world achievements and trends in the field of cosmetology;

  We produce small amounts of products on daily basis in order to always maintain their freshness and the highest possible quality;

           The safety of our products is confirmed by a European safety assessor. 

We make all our products in our own development and control laboratory.

Our team of experts is comprised of pharmacists – specialists in pharmaceutical technology and cosmetology, who unite their professional knowledge in different sectors – from development and quality control to production. We have been patiently creating a mosaic of harmonized steps, which each product follows, for two decades.

The path of a cosmetic product from an idea to the cream in your hand begins in the development laboratory, goes through testing a new formulation, a trial batch, and finalises in the production laboratory. The life cycle of a product is then continuously monitored and controlled by quality control experts.

Our vision

Farmaceut testira kremu

Where can you find our products?

Our products can be found in all well-stocked pharmacies. Ask your pharmacist to recommend and order some of our products for you. We are present in Serbia and the region, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia.

The products can also be ordered through our webshop, email, and phone: +38111/2400-812 or +38111/2433-585.

* ISO 9001, ISO 22716 (Cosmetics GMP), ISO 45001, and ISO 14001.