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16. December 2020.
DD Cream High Daily Defense
DD Cream SPF 50 High Daily Defense
16. December 2020.
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Panthenol emulsion


Panthenol emulsion has a very light texture, it is easy to spread and can be used for all skin types.


Skin type: all skin types.

We recommend it for: after-sun and post-depilatory care, the prevention and treatment of stretch marks, as a hydrating and non-oily make-up base.

Panthenol emulsion has a very light texture and it is easy to spread. It nourishes and hydrates the skin, making it soft, smooth, and elastic. Soothes and regenerates irritated skin. Prevents the appearance of new and reduces the existing stretch marks.

100 g of emulsion contains:

  • d-panthenol 2.5g
  • vitamin E 0.5g
  • allantoin 0.5g

Package: airless bottle (150 ml).

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