Atopik urea 5% + probiotic cream
16. December 2020.
Oliva cream
Oliva cream + shea butter and marigold oil
16. December 2020.
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Crystal Base


A typical O/W (oil-in-water) emulsion base. Ambiphilic base with a traditional mixed emulsifier that provides very stable emulsions.


It is used for production of creams and emulsion lotions for cosmetic use. It is easy to spread, quick to absorb, and leaves a pleasant film on the skin. It is intended for all skin types care, owing to its hydrophilic and lipophilic properties.

Up to 100% of aqueous phase and up to 50% of mineral oil or 25% of plant oil can be added to the base. It is suitable for the addition of all cosmetic active substances compatible with the base (vitamins, herbal extracts, proteins, essential oils, etc.) in the amounts allowed for cosmetic products.

Package: box (1000ml) and bucket (5000ml – to order contact us).

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1000ml, 5000ml

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