Atopik emulsion 7% urea
16. December 2020.
DD Cream High Daily Defense
DD Cream SPF 50 High Daily Defense
16. December 2020.
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Atopik urea 5% + probiotic cream


A hydrophilic cream with a rich texture and composition with components of the skin’s natural moisturising factor.


Skin type: dry, sensitive, atopic.

We recommend it for: daily care of dry face and body skin of children above 3 years of age and adults.

Measuring the degree of hydration efficiency in a long-term in vivo study, an increase of over 64% was proven during one month of regular use of the Atopik cream with 5% urea (*). Due to a great microbiome significance in the skin defence mechanism and hydration, the Atopik urea 5% cream is improved with a probiotic on the basis of Lactobacillus that establishes the balance of the skin microbiota, removes the feeling of discomfort, and reduces the skin redness and dryness.

Active ingredients:

  • urea,
  • yellow evening primrose oil,
  • shea butter,
  • lactate,
  • lactic acid,
  • probiotic.

Package: airless bottle (100 ml)

* The hydration level efficiency assessment of the cosmetic product on 20 volunteers (a long-term in vivo study).

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