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16. December 2020.
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Atopik emollient cream + probiotic


A lipophilic cream rich in natural emollients, easy to spread and quick to absorb, making the skin soft, smooth, and hydrated.


Skin type: dry, sensitive, atopic.

We recommend it for: daily care of dry, sensitive, and atopic skin of babies, children, and adults.

Due to a great microbiome significance in the skin defence mechanism and hydration, the Atopik emollient cream is improved with a probiotic on the basis of Lactobacillus that establishes the balance of the skin microbiota, removes the feeling of discomfort, and reduces the skin redness and dryness. The formulation contains no fragrances.


  • yellow evening primrose oil,
  • grape seed oil,
  • probiotic.

Package: airless bottle (100ml).

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