Customized beauty products

Make it personal!

Expert skin care

Benefits of customized beauty products

  • Unique formula and freshly made products
  • Possibility to choose the active ingredients and fragrance
  • Regular follow ups and checkups of skin treated with customized beauty products

Book your appointment for a checkup and design of your customized beauty product through the contact form on this webpage or by phone (week days 9am - 3pm). Phone numbers: +381 (0) 11 243 35 85 or +381 (0) 69 243 35 85.

Your skin is unique!

As such, it requires a special treatment and care adapted to its specific needs.

Crystal Derma's team of experts will gladly give you recommendations and make customized beauty products for the daily care of your skin.

The best way to find out all about your skin

Thanks to Crystal Derma for all the products they have for the treatment of my skin, I am very satisfied with my Ichtyol wash gel, sensitive skin serum and face cream.

Jovana Stojanović

I have been using customized beauty products for the last two years, and I am very happy with the results. Their range for problematic skin keeps my rosacea under control very well. Also, thanks to the anti-age range, my wrinkles are less visible because I use the mask with hyaluronic acid and luxury cream for the skin around the eyes on a regular basis. I have only praise for the hard-working and kind team at Crystal Derma.

Marija Vasić

I have been using almost all Crystal Derma products for the last three years, I am more than satisfied with their quality, but even more so with my skin which is finally like I always wanted it. I'm particularly font of their customized beauty products, thanks to which I managed to get rid of some problems and imprefections of the skin on my face that I had for many years. I would also like to mention their sun protection range which diserve a special praise, because besides protection, they kept my skin soft and smooth, without a trace of peeling.

Ljubica Savić

Customized beauty products are a trend which will last, as will beautiful and cared-for skin

Customisation is the new definition of luxury