Calendula line

Calendula line products are based on the effects of  organic extracts of marigold flower (calendula oil) that moisturizes the skin, makes it soft and elastic, accelerates the regeneration of damaged skin and has antioxidant effect, which is further enhanced by the presence of vitamin E and beta carotene in these products.
Activity and efficiency of marigold are confirmed through its long-lasting and wide use in folk medicine for healing wounds, bruises, chilblains, ulcers, acne, warts and corns, as well as in many modern medicinal preparations because of its proven vaso-protecting, anti inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

Products in this line:

neven-pomadaMarigold pomade – made after traditional recipes

Calendula oil, Vitamin E, β-karoten
for daily care and skin protection


  • Marigold pomade provides maximum utilization of active ingredients, which has provided natural skin care with shooting and regenerative effects of Marigold
  • leaves long-lasting, waterproof film on the skin, which provides skin protection against all water soluble irritants, cold and wind
  • contains no preservatives, emulsificants and artificial colours


  • everyday skin care
  • suitable for dry skin
  • protection against cold or dry air, and other harmful environmental effects
  • excellent barrier between baby’s delicate skin and nappy, recommended against rashes, irritation and mild inflammation
  • for massages
  • chapped lips care

Packing: plastic jar, 185ml

neven-kremMarigold cream

Organic Calendula oil, β-carotene, vitamin E

Bioactive moisturizing cream for daily care of face, hands and body

  • marigold cream has a light texture, it is easy to spread and gently penetrates
  • it restores the skin moisture and elasticity, refreshes it and makes it nurtured and soft
  • contains natural antioxidants that prevent cell damage and
    aging skin under the influence of the environment
  • neven balsamsuitable for all skin types

Packing: plastic jar, 125ml

Marigold balsam

Organic Calendula oil, β -carotene and vitamin E

Bioactive hydratant cream for daily care of face, hands and body

  • marigold cream gently penetrates, neutralizes oxidation processes, prevents skin from early ageing and wrinkling
  • calms down and nourishes sensitive skin, preventing it from drying and cracking
  • regular use restores the skin moisture and elasticity, refreshes it and makes it nurtured and soft
  • suitable for all skin types

Packing: airless bottle, 150ml

Marigold cream with panthenol and aloe

neven-improved-formulaCream for sensitive skin

Organic Marigold Oil, Organic Shea butter, Aloe Gel, Panthenol and Vitamin E

  • soothes, nurtures and protects sensitive skin
  • for face, hands and body
  • makes the skin soft, smooth and velvety

Active substances of Marigold cream with panthenol and aloe act jointly by regenerating and moisturizing the skin. They soothe sensitive skin.

Organic Calendula Oil and Panthenol moisturize the skin and make it elastic.

Organic Shea Butter regenerates skin and makes the skin soft and velvety.

Aloe gel, from Aloe barbadensis leaves, contains a large number of active ingredients, which have effect on the skin by acting jointly the strongest being the effect of hydration. Aloe is a natural antioxidant and the most frequently used plant raw material in cosmetics, for its moisturizing, regenerating and soothing properties.


Apply a thin layer of cream on a clean skin several times a day, to give the skin a beautiful, velvety look without hindering normal skin processes. It is an excellent make-up foundation.

Note: Fragrances in our products are high quality hypoallergenic fragrances.

Packing: plastic jar, 125 ml

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