About us

Crystal Derma Ltd. was founded at the beginning of 2006. in Belgrade and produces quality cosmeceuticals and cosmetic products according to national and EU regulations.
The founder and owner of the company is Suzana Koprivica-Lujić, a graduate pharmacist, specialized in pharmaceutical technology.

The basic principles of the company are:

  • production of high quality, safe and effective cosmeceuticals tested in accredited domestic and foreign laboratories
  • use of reliable and high-quality raw materials of the famous world producers
  • always fresh products,which is achieved by daily production of small quantities associated with market dynamics
  • to train its own staff
  • providing expert information on application of our products
  • the following of the latest world achievements and trends in the domain of pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and compliance with the applicable European regulations
  • standing quality (no wavering in quality over the years)

All products are made in own development laboratory, whose team consist of specialists in pharmaceutical technology and cosmetology in collaboration with dermatologists, unifying all the expertise for the benefit of your skin.
CRYSTAL DERMA implemented (at the beginning of 2011) and has been applying the system of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in compliance with the requirements of international regulations: Eudralex Volume IV, as well as the management system according to ISO9001:2008, implemented in January 2010.

certop-gmp-srThe quality of Crystal Derma products are under permanent control of competent domestic and foreign institutions.
Efficiency of our development strategy has been proven by our to date results: the number of users of our products, as well as the network of our associates have been constantly growing.
Crystal Derma products are sold in the whole territory of Serbia and in most countries in the region.
Apart from supplying numerous wholesale drugstores, Crystal Derma company is marketing its products in independent pharmacies, pharmaceutical institutions and mega markets.